To buy frozen cep

To buy frozen cepWhite mushroom, or, as it is also called boletus is the most valuable mushroom of all known and studied for today. You can find it most often in spruce or mixed forests, as well as in a pinery. It received its name  for the ability to keep a white color even after its preparation. The dishes from white mushrooms are not only very fragrant and tasty but also extraordinarily beautiful. And this is also important for obtaining maximum pleasure from eating, as well as taste sensations.

Of course, it's nice to take a walk in the shady forest, pick up mushrooms and berries. But the realities of modern life do not always give such an opportunity. And, for sure, every person who loves and appreciates mushrooms wants to enjoy delicious dishes from white mushrooms.

An alternative may be frozen white mushroom. You can buy it in large retail chains. Do not think that frozen foods are almost empty and keep only a small percentage of useful qualities.

On using the right technology, fresh mushroom is not different from the frozen white mushroom. But you can buy it at any time when you want and even all year round.

We often see canned mushrooms on the shelves of shops. They are an essential attribute on any festive table. However, a frozen white mushroom is worth buying if the planned dish involves heat processing: frying, boiling or stewing.

This product is not sold in every store. Mostly, it can be found in large outlets. Frozen white mushroom can be also bought from private individuals. But, taking into account some technological features of its proper freezing, the quality of the product may be hardly guaranteed.

Our company is a manufacturer of mushroom products and it cooperates with most the famous retail chains. The range of the "Charm" trademark includes a frozen white mushroom. Buy it can be bought in five-kilo boxes.