preserved mushrooms (to buy)

preserved mushrooms to buyAmong the variety of all kinds of pickles, preserved mushrooms take an honorable place. You can buy them everywhere. But there are some "buts". Do you often meet in the stores, for example, white preserved mushrooms? It’s much easier to buy champignons. The situation is also more or less normal with other mushrooms. But it is not always possible to find this product of high quality, and also in the form that you wish.

You can buy preserved mushrooms In the company "Discount": marinated, sterilized and in oil.

Your dishes will acquire a delicious taste with preserved mushrooms which you can buy inexpensively in our company. So, what can we cook? For example, a salad with apples and mushrooms.

To do this you will need sweet and sour apples (300g), marinated mushrooms (300g), 2 tomatoes, a green salad (20g), and a little salt. You can fill this salad with mayonnaise or vegetable oil. All according to your desire.

Start with mushrooms. Strain them through a colander, and then cut into cubes, but not very finely. Do the same with tomatoes.

Now it’s turn for the apples. Peel them and then remove the core. When all these are done, proceed to cutting into pieces of medium size.

Tear the salad with your hands. They say that you can give the mood to the dish with which you are cooking. Therefore, prepare with the soul.

When everything is ready, you can start mixing. Add salt and pepper to taste, and fill it with sauce or mayonnaise. Today there are a lot of sauces. You can cook it yourself. It is not so difficult. If you do not want to get a high-calorie dish - use vegetable oil to which you can add a couple drops of lemon juice for piquancy.

The salad which includes delicious preserved mushrooms (you can buy them right now in our company) is ready. Bon Appetit!

If you do not know where to buy good quality preserved mushrooms then we will answer - choose the trademark "Charm" and you will not regret it.