chanterelles frozen

You can buy frozen mushrooms in any quantity in our company. Mushrooms chanterelles are very elastic, regardless of weather conditions. Bright yellow hats should be searched in ravines and small fire ditches under foliage. This type of mushroom contains a complex of vitamins, as well as copper and zinc. It is believed that mushrooms chanterelles which all supermarkets are in a hurry to buy frozen in Ukraine have the property to prevent the development of tuberculosis and pathogens of purulent diseases. Frozen mushrooms like chanterelles retain their properties and taste.

chanterelles frozenLike every edible mushroom, the chanterelles have a double. If you often go to the forest, carefully look at the structure of the cap and legs, visit the familiar places of growth of safe mushrooms and do not buy them from the people on the street. We cooperate with the largest retail chains and restaurants, and have also proven ourselves in the ratings of brands and the popularity of quality. Employees of the company monitor the quality of prepared for sale preserved, dried and frozen mushrooms chanterelles, berries. In addition to the fact that we sell processed foods, everyone can learn more about the kitchen and try to cook dishes according to our recipes on the company's website.

Do you need to buy mushrooms for your restaurant? Frozen chanterelles will add colors to the festive banquet and will be a zest of your menu.

Our team regularly attends international exhibitions and agrarian fairs to represent Ukraine. Chanterelles mushrooms are regularly ordered for export to the USA, Japan, Canada, Israel and Australia. Frozen, dried and preserved products of nature under our brand "Charm" are equally tasty and useful without adding any dyes or flavor enhancers.