frozen chanterelles

Frozen chanterelleChanterelles are one of the most favorite mushrooms in Ukrainian cuisine. Naughty color and beautiful shape make them not only a delicious ingredient. This wonderful mushroom gives the dish its brightness and unusualness. And both adult gourmets and children liked it.

Not everyone has the opportunity to become a successful mushroom picker and go to the forest independently for prey. Therefore, we go for mushrooms to the market, to the store, or what is simply super-convenient - to the online shop.

You can easily buy various types of dry, preserved and frozen mushrooms in our company, among them - frozen chanterelles.

Frozen chanterelle is a nutritious and healthy product that will become the zest of your dishes. You can cook so many delicious things from it. Even the thoughts scatter. Now we will talk about a simple but very tasty dish with a frozen chanterelle. This is fried potatoes with chanterelles.

We need potatoes (4-5 pieces), onions (2-3 pieces), frozen chanterelle (200 g), sunflower or other roasting oil, as well as salt, pepper and other spices at your request.

A few words about defrosting. You do not need to do it. Just fry the onions in a frying pan until a pleasant golden color, and then add the frozen chanterelles. First, the water will evaporate, and then continue frying until it is complete. Do not overdo with the spices, otherwise the mushrooms will lose their unique flavor.

At the same time with this process or as it will be most convenient for you, you need to fry potatoes. When it is almost ready, add chanterelles with onions in it and mix. You will need another 5 minutes for the dish to be ready for serving to the table.

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