frozen mushrooms

Frozen mushroomsWhen there are frozen mushrooms in the refrigerator, you cannot wait to cook something delicious and sometimes unusual. For example, let's make some salad that is easy to prepare and it will harmoniously complement your main dish. We will tell about an interesting salad which includes frozen mushrooms further.

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You can make a very tasty and nutritious salad of red beans with mushrooms. And of course it's useful. You will need the following ingredients for this task: red canned beans (1 can), frozen mushrooms (350 g), your favorite hard cheese (100 g), greens (1 bunch or about 50 g), onions (1 pc.), and Spices (about 10 g) and vegetable oil (about 50 g).

To begin with, cut the onions into half rings and lightly fry it in oil. Then add frozen mushrooms, spices and continue frying until cooked. After this, give the mushrooms and onions little "break" and cool down.

Take the jar of red beans and drain the liquid. Hard cheese should be rubbed on a large grater. Now stir fried mushrooms and onions with grated cheese, as well as red beans.

It's time to chop the greens. You can take parsley or dill which can usually be found everywhere. They are the main set of used greens for many people. You can also use basil or coriander. Choose what you like most. Cut the greens and add it to the other ingredients.

That's the final - we fill it with vegetable oil. You can take both sunflower and olive. Also you can find something very useful from the huge range of oils that are on the market today. And finally our salad with mushrooms and red beans is ready for serving to the table.

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