purchase of frozen mushrooms

Going to the shop for products to choose something special, think about buying frozen mushrooms. Considering that after defrosting they are absolutely similar to fresh ones, there are no limits in the choice of an excellent recipe based on mushrooms.

The purchase of frozenUnlike the canned ones, the purchase of frozen mushrooms will allow you to prepare various dishes involving frying, cooking, stewing. You can fry with onions or make a fragrant roast. There are many recipes of delicious first courses with mushrooms in the cookbooks. In general, everything depends only on your desires, culinary abilities and availability of time.

The purchase of frozen mushrooms does not mean that this product is significantly different in taste and nutritional value. All useful properties are preserved with the proper process of freezing. The same may be said about the appearance of the mushrooms.

There is an opinion that frozen foods lose almost all useful properties that are inherent in them fresh. However, this is not quite true. Provided that the freezing technology is thought out in accordance with this particular product and all requirements and rules are observed, then the utility losses will be insignificant.

Our company has been engaged professionally in various ways of processing products for their long-term storage for many years. To preserve their useful and taste qualities is our main task which we successfully cope with.

The purchase of frozen mushrooms from the brand "Charm" is possible with five-kilogram boxes. There are such forest mushrooms as chanterelles, oily mushrooms, honey agarics and white mushrooms in our range.

The purchase of frozen mushrooms is a great way to please yourself and your family with a delicious, summer-smelling lunch. And it is possible all year round.