Frozen cranberry

frozen cranberryVarious berries in Ukraine are very popular. Cranberry is considered to be very popular among the population of our country. This berry is valued both fresh and frozen. Frozen cranberries is also a fresh berry which went through the procedure of washing and drying and after that it was frozen.

Frozen cranberry keeps almost all the beneficial properties that a fresh berry has. Cranberries in this form may be used for making sauces, morses and other drinks, as well as a variety of desserts.

Frozen cranberry is a very common product that is stored in freezers of various catering establishments, as well as ordinary people who like to use such an ingredient in cooking various dishes.

Frozen cranberries in large quantities are purchased by chefs of various cafes, restaurants, because in such establishments cranberries are used very often. In addition to excellent taste qualities, frozen cranberry is famous for its useful properties.

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