chanterelles price

chanterelles priceChanterelles are considered one of the most popular forest mushrooms in our country. There are lots of them in the ripening season in the forests, therefore there are always a lot of mushroom pickers in the forest during this period. For those who do not have possibility to get to the forest where chanterelles grow, our company offers to buy chanterelles, which price is quite acceptable.

Chanterelles which price will satisfy any consumer are considered a very valuable ingredient for many dishes of home and restaurant cuisine. Therefore, many ordinary people and chefs of various establishments of public catering buy chanterelles (price) in bulk. No need to be afraid that the mushrooms will get spoilt if they are not used for cooking in time. As you can buy frozen chanterelles, the which price is considered quite loyal. Mushrooms in this form can be stored for a long time if the freezing technology is observed.

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We guarantee the high quality of forest mushrooms in any form. Hundreds of our customers have already been personally convinced in the excellent taste qualities and benefits of the mushrooms that we offer. It is also worth noting that you will find the best prices for chanterelles, white mushrooms, honey agarics, oily mushrooms and other popular mushrooms in Ukraine.

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